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College students play e-sports to pay for tuition

Sport and higher education are getting even closer. Like traditional sports, e-sports is now offering new opportunities to college students to earn scholarships. The University of California-Berkeley’s eSports Club is a place where the top US gaming talent plays for both fun and tuition fees. CCTV’s Mark Niu reports.

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US wasted almost $1.5bn on ridiculous projects in 2016

Money to burn? US wasted almost $1.5bn on ridiculous projects in 2016, report claims A new report has been released detailing what it claims is unnecessary US government spending. ‘The Waste Report’ says that in 2016 authorities spent almost $1.5 billion investigating for example how selfies affect people’s happiness. RT’s ...

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Obama could split NSA from cybersecurity wing

President Obama is reportedly considering taking U.S. Cyber Command out of the NSA. The NSA is known for gathering intelligence domestically and internationally. Cybercom is tasked with attacking enemy networks and defending America’s cyber infrastructure. But now it seems that cybersecurity needs its own dedicated agency. Hacking has become a ...

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