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Finding my family after 44 years in prison

After coming to terms with a new and unfamiliar world, Otis Johnson set off to reconnect with his family. Otis Johnson went to prison at 25 for attempted murder of a police officer After 44 years, he was released last summer and is adjusting to life on the outside – ...

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How many nuclear weapons does the US have?

The only country with more than the U.S. is Russia. How many nuclear warheads does America already have? Probably about 7,000. That’s according to the Federation of American Scientists, which tracks the number of nuclear weapons around the world. But the exact number in each country’s stockpile is a secret. ...

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Romania: children of the streets

Hundreds children live on the streets or in the heating tunnels of Bucharest. Underground they can stay warm and survive the hard winter. Now, aid workers are trying to provide them a way out by teaching them marketable skills such as circus tricks. UNICEF Report Unfortunately children living on the ...

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