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​Facebook Messenger Hits 1.2B Users

​Facebook Messenger Hits 1.2B Users Facebook Messenger appears to have made it to the big time. The social media company said Wednesday its messaging app now has 1.2 billion people actively using the service every month and that’s a big chunk of the world’s 7.5 billion population. Just in the ...

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Why Twitter’s in trouble

Why Twitter’s in trouble Now a little bird tells us that everything is not all right at Twitter. The company’s Chief Operating Officer Adam Bain and Chief Technology Officer Adam Messinger walked out of the company without collecting over $35 million in stock awards. Sourav Roy finds out why.

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NASA: Saturn’s moon could sustain life

There is a possibility that the atmosphere on one of Saturn’s moons could support life, evidence found by NASA shows. The findings were discovered by the Cassini spacecraft, which is due to end its 20-year mission later this year. Al Jazeera’s Tom Ackerman has more from Washington, DC.

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Google shuts down new Burger King ad

Google shuts down new Burger King ad A marketing stunt by a major fast-food chain is raising more concerns about digital privacy. Google has acted quickly to stop a Burger King TV advertisement from activating one of its home assistance devices. It’s believed to be the first time technology has ...

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Paltalk Free Color Nickname And Free Id Park Soft

Welcome to Paltalk Color. When you download this version of Paltalk you will be able to color your nick instantly . Developer allow you to change settings online. To download Paltalk Color click ‘Download’ button in the navigation bar of the site. Fast Nickname creating. For More Information Add Me ...

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Police ask Amazon to release data to solve murder

A murder investigation in the US is raising new questions about how protecting privacy competes with changing technology. Police in the state of Arkansas want to access data from a home technology device belonging to a murder suspect. But so far, their requests have been declined. Al Jazeera’s Gabriel Elizondo ...

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