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How Does Wireless Charging Work – Info Video

Info Video

Wireless charging also known as Inductive charging uses an electromagnetic field to transfer energy between two objects.Induction chargers use an induction coil to create an alternating electromagnetic field from within a charging base, and a second induction coil in the portable device takes power from the electromagnetic field and converts ...

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The History of Computer Storage – Computer World

The History of Computer Storage Whether it’s for a family photograph collection, a PC program, or a Fortune 500 organization’s business-basic frameworks, information stockpiling is an absolute necessity have for almost everybody. As innovation has advanced, PCs have took into consideration progressively vast and effective information stockpiling, which thus has ...

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Motorola Moto Z review – Mobile Review

Mobile Review

Motorola Moto Z Specifications The Z is powered by the same Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 processor,got a 5.5-inch, Quad HD AMOLED screen (2,560 x 1,440 pixels) 4GB of RAM and comes with either 32GB/64GB of storage.There is MicroSD card support also,you can add up to a 2 terabytes of additional storage. ...

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Verizon Buys Yahoo For $4.8 Billion – Technology News

Technology News

Verizon Wins The Bid, Buys Yahoo For $4.8 Billion,Verizon Buys Yahoo For $4.8 Billion – Technology News, The telecommunications giant announced the merger after several months of negotiations The deal will include Yahoo’s core internet operations like advertising, content, and mobile capabilities, but will will leave its shares in the ...

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