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US wants drone back from China

The Chinese Navy took an underwater drone from the US Navy in an incident near the Philippines. Is China trying to send a message? CNN’s Jonathan Mann tells the story. On Thursday, a Chinese ship took an American underwater drone in international waters. The Pentagon made an official declaration about ...

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Coalition strike destroys ISIL targets near Palmyra

US-led coalition aircraft have destroyed heavy weaponry seized by ISIL when they retook the Syrian city of Palmyra from government forces over the weekend. The US Department of Defense released this video of the air strike. Thursday’s strikes destroyed an air defense artillery system, 14 tanks, three artillery systems, two ...

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Ankara says Turkey and EU face similar crises

Turkish and EU leaders have said that they are open to discuss bilateral issues and strengthen cooperative efforts in the future. EU-Turkey relations soured after Ankara cracked down on government dissidents following a failed military coup in July this year. But both sides say they recognize the need to work ...

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Venezuela pulls most popular banknote

The country’s most popular banknote is no longer legal tender from Friday. Venezuelans were given just a few days notice that the 100-bolivar banknote would be pulled from circulation. But the move is already causing disruption for businesses and could further worsen a severe economic crisis.

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