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US orders expulsion of 35 Russian diplomats

The U-S State Department declared 35 Russian diplomats from the Washington D-C embassy and the consulate in San Francisco QUOTE persona non grata. It gave the Russian officials and their families 72 hours to leave the U-S. As part of Obama’s other measures, two Russian compounds will be shut in the U-S. Washington has also slapped sanctions against nine entities and individuals including two Russian intelligence agencies. President Obama, in a statement, defended the adoption of anti-Russia steps as necessary and appropriate.

President Obama further called on all Americans to be QUOTE alarmed by Russia’s actions saying his administration had repeatedly warned Moscow. The U-S move has sparked immediate reactions from Russia with the Kremlin rejecting Washington’s hacking claims as QUOTE unfounded assertions and accusations. It has also called the White House’s adoption of anti-Russia measures a sign of Washington’s aggressive foreign policy saying it will destroy bilateral diplomatic ties.

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